Dr. Baharreh Yadollahi

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Dentist & Founder

Welcome to my practice.

After being a dentist for over a decade with particular focus in the Financial District, I have come to understand the needs of a busy professional. You will expect quality care, utmost trust with your provider and friendly and efficient delivery of services. Time is the most valuable commodity in your day, and I appreciate the time you are taking to care for your oral health.

My practice philosophy is evidence-based, and to provide the best for my patients.

Aside from the routine fillings, root canals and extractions, I have completed a range of cosmetic procedures and complex cases involving veneers, crowns and implants. I have also established a close network of specialists to support my patients’ care. Communication and compassion are integral to my approach in managing my patient’s needs.

I studied Chemistry at McGill University, and was subsequently accepted into the Dentistry program at The University of Western Ontario. I graduated from the program in 2006 with distinction. Thereafter, I spent one year completing a General Practice Residency with the London Health Sciences Centre focusing on oral surgery.

Health and wellness are an important component of my lifestyle. Whether it’s a Pilates class or a cold pressed juice, overall health is an active part of my daily routine. And understanding the importance of oral health in total health is a perspective that I appreciate personally and professionally.

I welcome you to come by to meet me, my team, and experience a dental visit that I hope exceeds your expectations.